council / committees

We invite you to participate in one of our many church committees. Please contact the office if you are interested.

Council:  Responsible for the general oversight of the life and activities of the church.  All the committees report to the council and any major decisions are made by the council with input from the respective committee(s).  All Council Meetings, unless deemed "special" under guidlelines of the St. Mark's Constitution, are open for any member to attend.  Generally council meets on the second Sunday of the month at noon.  Please check the current calendar to confirm the date of the meeting for this month.

Read our newsletter The Marker (on our About Us/The Marker page) to see the most recent council highlights from the Secretary.


Property Management:

Responsible for the maintenance of the facility and the landscaping with the goal of keeping St. Mark’s a safe as well as beautiful place to worship and meet. If you'd like to participate in gardening, repair, or property upkeep, you can contact the committee for information on"work days" here.

Click here to download  Property Concerns Form


Social Ministry:

This committee attempts to study and promote ways and means of expressing Christian compassion and helpfulness to persons of all ages in need of aid in body and soul. Support is given to various agencies locally and worldwide to further the well-being of our communities. Through these efforts our congregation continues to support, with both donations and time, others in need.

Meetings are held monthly, check our calendar, and everyone is welcome to participate


Evangelism Committee (Now CCC):

The Evangelism Committee meets on average once a month (TBD) to discover ways of reaching out to the community.  Some members are regularly visiting with folks who are new to the neighborhood.  The evangelism committee doesn’t understand itself as the group that “does” evangelism for the congregation; its members rather understand themselves as educators of the congregation at large, empowering all members to follow their call as Disciples of Christ, proclaiming the Good News of Christ dying and rising for the sake of the world.


Worship and Music:

Oversees the area of parish worship, incorporating the traditions of the ELCA while exploring new opportunities to meet the changing needs of our community at large.  They plan the details of the traditional and contemporary worship services including:

  •  Liturgies

  •  Hymns

  •  Seasonal specific services 

  •  Visual Arts/Sanctuary appearance/Decoration

  •  Oversight of anything pertaining to the sanctuary and aspects of worship


Christian Education:

Responsible for developing and running our ongoing efforts to better understand Christ’s message and our role as Christians.  Most recently they have begun a new Intergenerational Sunday School program aimed at helping adults and children work together to better understand the Bible. There are additional bible studies and education available to all ages other than on Sunday morning.  You are invited to explore our calendar and website.



Manages our internal special events.  These range from traditional Lutheran Potluck dinners to special events to honor members of the congregation, those especially close to St. Mark’s, and other events which help bring us ever closer together as a congregation and a community.



In their continuing efforts to keep the St. Mark’s congregation aware of what it means to be grateful for what God has given us, they work to bring programs and speakers to the church which help us keep this focus.