The first meetings of this congregation took place in a bar.  Services were held in the back room of the El Curtola Hotel in Walnut Creek.  It was understood, however, that this was not what Jesus meant when he said: “I was thirsty and you gave me to drink”. The meeting place was soon changed to the Veteran’s Hall, Walnut Creek in July of 1948. 

Our charter was signed on January 2nd 1949 by thirty-nine members who then began planning to build a ‘regular’ place of worship.  In 1950 the first building (now ‘Cunnison Hall’, or Parish Hall) was erected, followed by the construction of Rylander Hall, named for a family who was very active in the life of this congregation. 

The present sanctuary as well as the office and classroom wing was built in 1965.  Rylander Hall was destroyed by fire in 1971, rebuilt and remained in service until the current St. Mark’s Center was constructed and dedicated in 1995.

During this period of over sixty years many faithful have served us.  We are grateful to all who have built and sustained this congregation.